Moving Into A New Home

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Moving Into A New Home

Moving into a new home can give mixed emotions of stress and excitement. There is a lot of work ahead but don't let it be a downer on your excitement. There are many reasons for a move whether it is your first home, relocation for work, down sizing because you children finally moved out etc. It is very important to prepare for you relocation in advance to reduce and levels of stress. In preparation for a self move we have attached a check list helping you to prepare your self for a new relocation.

Plan in advance: Contact truck rental agencies well in advance to inquire about rates and book your moving truck as early as two to three months in advance. Be sure write confirmation of all your expenditures and have a complete detail of your move.

2 Months Remaining: Go though you home carefully and make the big decision on what you are going to bring with you to your new home and what you are going to throw away or donate to charity. A great idea to earn some extra money and purge items you no longer want is to have a garage/yard sale.

Schools: If you are moving your children into a new school, arrange a school transfer as early as two to three months before your move.

Packing: Create a list of the items that will need extra attention or careful packing, such as TV's, china, computers, etc. For your fragile packing items be sure to pack them in bubble wrap, packing paper/newspaper to minimize any damages that may occur.

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1 Month Remaining: The time has arrived to start packing your belongings. Start with the items that you don't regularly use everyday. To make unpacking easier be sure to label and number the boxes. When packing, take note of your valuable items such as flat screen TV's or stereo equipment.

New Address: Don't forget to fill out a change of address form with your new address; this can be done at your local post office. Be sure to contact your bank, telephone and cable providers, credit card companies, insurance companies, doctors or dentists of you new address.

2 Weeks Remaining: Call the truck rental agency to confirm your reservation. At this time you may want to Packers and Movers Ahmedabad cancel or transfer any magazine or newspaper subscriptions you may have.

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1 Week Left Until Move Day! By this point most of your packing should be complete. Remember to pack a travel back containing the items you and your family will need on moving day. Common things to pack are; change of clothing, tooth brushes, medications, soap, toiletries and paper cups and plates.

Be sure to do a thorough checking of everything to ensure that you are not missing on important details. Moving to a new home you're bound to experience some transition anxiety so prepare yourself and your family emotionally and morally. For children it is good to mentally prepare them for what lies ahead of them at their new home.

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Yes, we are moving to our new home. Thanks to stamped concrete ma contractors they finish building our house fast.